Microsoft Outings Comes To Windows MR

Microsoft Outings Comes To Windows MR
November 3, 2018

Ever heard of Microsoft Outings? No? It’s an app made by the company’s Microsoft Garage lab that allows you to discover cities, historical sites, and other outdoor activities.


The app has so far only been available on Android and iOS devices, and it’s now coming to a different platform today: virtual reality. The app is now available for Windows Mixed Reality headsets (via WalkingCat). Although you can download and install the app on your Windows 10 device, it won’t actually work unless you run it through your Windows Mixed Reality headset.


The app itself has been updated for a virtual reality environment on Windows Mixed Reality as well. From the screenshots, it seems like you can easily switch between different cities and places that you can visit, and even get a virtual, 3D look at the area. The app definitely doesn’t look anything out of this world, so don’t expect to get blown away.

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