Mashable: Interactive Mobile Live Stream For SXSW

Mashable: Interactive Mobile Live Stream For SXSW
March 1, 2017
Mashable is targeting the lucrative younger consumer base who do not have cable but want live media


Mashable is teaming up with Twitter for live streaming coverage of this year’s SXSW festival, along with interactive features exclusively for mobile users.


The show will cover the events of SXSW while letting customers interact with the coverage through chatting and participating in polls. The partnership is an attempt by Mashable to diversify its mobile offerings through live coverage of a tech-focused event.


"The Mashable Show will bring viewers to the heart of SXSW. Our lively coverage will obsess over the best of Interactive, Film and Music, and we'll dive into all things Austin," said Gregory Gittrich, Chief Content Officer of Mashable. "Our 9 million plus Twitter followers make for one of the most influential and engaged audiences you'll find anywhere. And if you've been to SXSW before, you're familiar with the Mashable House, which is packed with the most exciting and creative people in town. This year, we're thrilled to take our signature IRL experience and connect it with the social web by premiering our show from the main stage at the Mashable House."


Live stream


Every year, the SXSW festival is one of the most watched events when it comes to young, tech-savvy consumers.


The festival is usually home to some cutting edge tech and toys, including the latest in virtual reality and other industries.


This presents a perfect opportunity for Mashable to target its desired customer base.


To do this, Mashable is partnering with Twitter for a live streaming show that covers the event from the premises.


The stream will begin on March 10


The show will be streamed live over Twitter on all three days of the festival and will last 90 minutes each time.


Mashable’s live show will also come with an interactive element. Users can participate in live chats during the show and offer feedback to what they see.


The publisher will also air frequent polls, offering chances to viewers to weigh in with their own opinions or submit questions to the show.


In addition to the regular hosts, Mashable executive editor Jessica Coen, social editor Tracey Edouard and comedian Kerri Doherty, the show will also feature an appearance from Sesame Street character Cookie Monster.


Cutting the cord


Consumers are demanding more live video and mobile is providing the perfect outlet for them.


Nowadays, more and more lucrative younger consumers are cutting the cord and divesting from cable companies.


But those consumers still want live access to important events. Twitter is answering that call with a robust live streaming platform that has tackled some of the biggest events that TV would normally, cover.


For example, Twitter has partnered with dick clark productions to do live streaming coverage of the Country Music Awards, American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards.


Users can join an interactive live chat during the stream


Similarly, other companies have begun investing in their digital live streaming platforms as well, including Aol, which recently opened its own live streaming studio (see story).


Mashable is tapping into the desire for more live content with this partnership, and will likely continue to invest heavily in the future.


"The SXSW conversation unfolds in real time on Twitter every year," said Anthony Noto, COO at Twitter. "Thanks to this collaboration, our young and tech-savvy audience will have access to the live video stream of Mashable's expert analysis and the related conversation all on Twitter."

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