Magic Leap Teams With Comic Book Legend

Magic Leap Teams With Comic Book Legend
July 28, 2018

Magic Leap has been steadily sealing partnerships with various companies over the past couple of years. It already has Lucasfilm, the NBA, Peter Jackson's WETA and Madefire under its belt, and now it's gained another notable name.


Grant Morrison is one of the biggest names in comic books, having written for Batman, Wonder Woman, the X-Men, Justice League and being known for writing one of the greatest Superman stories of all time. Morrison's company, Square Slice, has now signed a partnership to create AR experiences for Magic Leap.


Morrison is a huge get, but he's also not an incredibly surprising one. He served as an advisor to Magic Leap in its earlier days. He's seen the progress Magic Leap has made and is at least excited enough to tie his production company to the product.


To be clear, despite Morrison writing for some of the biggest characters in the comic book world, he can't bring them to Magic Leap because their rights are owned by DC and Marvel. But he can create wholly original stories to the platform, which he has done before to great acclaim.

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