A Look At The Shard’s Terrifying VR Slide

A Look At The Shard’s Terrifying VR Slide
August 2, 2017

You’ve heard of virtual reality artviolent virtual reality artvirtual reality flat viewings and virtual reality zombie apocalypses. But how about a virtual reality slide going around London’s tallest skyscraper? 


Rather than turn The Shard into the world’s wackiest helter-skelter, London’s pointiest piece of architecture has gone VR. This summer, visitors to The View from the Shard will be able to feel the wind (machine) in their hair as they travel up to 100 miles per hour on virtual reality experience The Slide.


The Slide is joined by Vertigo, a VR experience in which The Shard falls away and leaves you suspended in the air, balancing on the scaffolding of the building’s early infrastructure. It’s the sort of concept that makes your knees feel wobbly just thinking about it. 


Together, they make up the UK’s highest VR experience. Virtually – you’ll feel like you’re swooping through the air above the London skyline – and also literally, because you’ll really be 800ft above London. You just won’t be able to see that you are, because of the VR goggles. Confusing, right? But one thing's for sure: if you’ve got a fear of heights, it’s probably not for you.

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