London: Other Worlds Mixes VR Arcade, Clubbing

London: Other Worlds Mixes VR Arcade, Clubbing
April 12, 2017

Virtual reality may still be in its infancy, but it’s taken off all the same. So much so that several entrepreneurial’s have taken notice and opened virtual reality arcades. But how about something more? Isn’t there somewhere gamers can have a good time both in and out of their favorite mode of entertainment? Yes, there is. Enter London’s first virtual reality arcade – Other Worlds. Featuring eight of the highest end VR stations with huge screens, plus a wide assortment of actual arcade machines and old consoles to play, Other Worlds is a veritable time warp between past and future. And, when the sun sets, the party really begins.


Games aren’t the only thing going on here, either. Arcade-goers will enjoy food options throughout the day from opening right up until midnight when the action changes from “E for everyone” to “R.” That’s right, this is an arcade-by-day, club-by-night that promises hard drinks, DJs, and even more food, all played to the beat of bright, colorful neon lights. And yes, this is real stuff, not virtual reality stuff. Tickets have already gone on sale, but there’s a limited number for the opening weekend, and Saturday early arrival spots are already sold out. Prices go from $25 for early tickets to $37 for all-day tickets.


As of yet, only Saturday and Sunday entries are available, making this an exclusive event. However, Other Worlds has promised that this is not a one-time-only gig, and more events will be held regularly, so it’s not the end of the world if you miss this first one. The arcade opens on Saturday, June 3 through the following Sunday, and additional virtual reality hot spots are planned for locations such as Manchester, Birmingham, and Cardiff. And let’s be honest – it won’t be too terribly long before the rest of the world catches on and starts making their own VR arcades.

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