Lexington Legends Expanding Into VR

Lexington Legends Expanding Into VR
April 8, 2018

Major League Baseball team the Lexington Legends are looking to score big in the 2018 season but alongside the matches they will be playing the team is looking to explore new opportunities in VR and AR. Alongside a number of new attractions to help keep visitors entertained team is are setting up a VR simulation that lets users walk onto the field for themselves and try to score big. Standing at the home plate swinging for the fences, users will be right in the heart of the action and be a part of the Lexington Legends. 


Elsewhere, team president and CEO Andry Shea revealed that the team have been working with a local development company to create an “augmented reality game where kids and other people will be able to participate on their phones and find player cards and stuff like that throughout the facility”. Shea continued saying “We just want to continue to reinvest in the kids that come to the ballpark, that’s what it’s all about for us is the families and the kids. We want to be able to provide as much cool and contemporary entertainment as we can.”

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