Kings' Fans Can Now See Games From Courtside

Kings' Fans Can Now See Games From Courtside
November 13, 2018
NBA teams have experimented with virtual reality in the past. (Getty Images)


A couple young Sacramento Kings fans are going to experience Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers in a whole new way. The Kings are debuting new virtual reality technology that will allow those fans to watch the game as if they were sitting courtside.


The Kings have selected young fans from the Men’s and Women’s Leadership Academy, and College Track Sacramento to take part in the experience, which will be streamed using 5G technology from Verizon. The fans will experience the game in full 360-degree virtual reality as if they were sitting at the scorer’s table.


It’s not the first time the Kings have experimented with a virtual reality game experience. The team streamed its final home game over VR headsets in 2015.


The Kings are also far from the first team to try and utilize virtual reality technology. College football and NFL coaches have used it to help train players. The Detroit Pistonseven used virtual reality as a way to test potential draft picks on their situational awareness during games.

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