Julio Medem Plans VR Series ‘Assassin’s Amnesia’

Julio Medem Plans VR Series ‘Assassin’s Amnesia’
November 15, 2016

Madrid and Paris-based District Room, and Julio Medem, one of Spain’s most renowned directors, have teamed to develop thriller “Assassin’s Amnesia,” a 20-episode VR series, which was presented last Monday in Los Angeles at the Oculus-Kaleidoscope DevLab, an month-long incubation program for 20 VR projects from 28 storytellers.


Written by Medem, who has joined District Room as a creative consultant, “Assassin’s Amnesia” turns on the 73-year-old Odysseus, who has served 45 years in prison for seven murders, two rapes, and a large-scale theft committed in September 2015 on a sailboat bound for Ibiza. But in 2060, an experimental interrogation reactivates Odysseus’ recall of his crimes and also, in the story’s second half, memories of a love affair, doubts about his real guilt and the navigation of his return to his true beloved.


Every episode runs eight minutes, a standard time for current VR video creations.


“Currently, most VR content is not video and is generally interactive. ‘Assassin’s Amnesia’ represents high-end live-action content, which is what the market is now looking for,” said District Room’s chief leadership officer Patrick Juarez, adding that China is the most advanced market for VR distribution. E-commerce giants Alibaba and Taobao were reporting total online sales of over 300,000 units of VR headsets a month earlier this year.


DevLab attendees will reconvene at the H.Q. of Facebook, the owner of Oculus, in San Francisco on Dec. 2 where the Oculus DevLab projects will be presented to Oculus and a large pool of Silicon Valley and entertainment investors from major corporations. Successfully funded projects go into production in 2017 and will be available on the Oculus platform.


A VR, augmented reality and immersive experience company, District Room was founded by commercials director Sebastien Grousset and producer and post-production executive David Danesi at Paris-based Digital District (“The Artist,” “Colombiana”). It is now backed by Digital District, SGO Mistika, Human Ark, Coke Ferreiro’s Boolab.tv, and The Gang.


District Room is currently developing projects with Microsoft and NTT DATA.

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