John Legend, Oprah Winfrey Venture In VR Film

John Legend, Oprah Winfrey Venture In VR Film
December 8, 2018
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The virtual reality craze has officially hit legendary status.


Recent EGOT winner John Legend is trying his hand at more film with Crow: The Legend — a short animated movie featuring Oprah Winfrey, Constance Wu, Diego Luna and more. The short film is available in 2D and VR, with fans who own headsets able to dive into the world of Crow, a colorful bird who has to choose between popularity and his friends.


“The story’s about self sacrifice,” Legend, 39, tells PEOPLE. “It’s about giving to your community, trying to make your community better by doing something kind of unselfish and sacrificial for you. It’s about the idea that even when you think you have it all and you’re arrogant, and you think you’re the most talented, and most powerful, that sometimes you have to humble yourself and I think those are good messages for people.”


Watch the 2D version of the movie below, and click here for the VR version.

The venture is new for Legend, who signed on to the movie as a producer when he learned about VR and wanted to know more.


“It’s been fun just being involved in the process of a new medium for me,” Legend says. “I think the fact that VR is such a great emerging technology and a great new way to tell stories, it was exciting for me. The idea of working with this particular company, Baobab, was exciting and then I thought it was a great story as well.”


Legend also connected with the story’s central character and how it mirrored the public part of his life.


“I think the idea of Crow was that it was someone who was really talented, and enjoyed being the star, and I think all those of us who love to perform, we enjoy that aspect of it too, but he came to realize that with his gift came a certain responsibility to help his community. And I think I see that as part of my responsibility as someone that does have a special gift,” he says.

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