Jerusalem: Check In For VR Tour Of Second Temple

Jerusalem: Check In For VR Tour Of Second Temple
September 20, 2016

The Western Wall Heritage Foundation is launching a new virtual reality experience in the Western Wall complex which provides a virtual tour of the ancient Second Temple, giving visitors an insight into the workings of the center of Jewish life 2,000 years ago. The tour is conducted via virtual reality headsets which “will suck them into an ancient and vibrant world which comes to life before their eyes” the Foundation says. 
The virtual reality tour, created by ArchTour, tailors a visitor’s experience through the interest they themselves elicit in various objects, features and people who they see and focus on during the tour. 

“The experience takes visitors to a journey backwards in time to the era of the Second Temple and allows them to stand in the middle of events, to meet central personalities such as the Cohanim and pilgrims, to see all the central points of the Temple Mount, from the impressive Robinson’s Arch at the south-western section of the site via the Royal Colonnade, the courtyards of the Temple  and, the crowning glory, the sanctuary of the Second Temple in its full glory,” says the Foundation. 

The creation of the attraction involved comprehensive research carried out by historians, archaeologists, and rabbis, in which every detail of the Temple structure was recreated in the finest detail over thousands of research hours. The in-depth research allowed the smallest details to be discovered including the type of marble used in the Second Temple, floor tiles and other building materials. The virtual reality tour is 15 minutes in duration and will cost NIS 20. 

The Second Temple, which sat atop the Temple Mount, is believed to have been originally completed in the late sixth century BCE but was greatly renovated and upgraded by King Herod the Great in the late first century BCE.

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