‘It’: VR Experience ‘Float’ Drowns In Hype

‘It’: VR Experience ‘Float’ Drowns In Hype
July 24, 2017

The other night, I was walking around The Gaslamp area at SDCC when I started to notice something…strange. People wearing yellow raincoats and carrying red balloons. I am very much looking forward to It, hitting theaters in September, and knew this was attached to that somehow. So, slowly I approached one of them, who was signaling with their hand. From somewhere (it was actually creepy) they handed me a flyer with directions to a location. The next morning, I journeyed to Derry and prayed I would survive the trip.

Once there, we signed a waiver, which started the butterflies in my stomach. I am deathly afraid of clowns, yet I really want to see this film. Once waivers were signed, we boarded the bus to Derry and we were on our way.

And what a letdown.


We were placed into an “interactive room”, which consisted of ambient lighting and some mist sprayed at your torso. They also had shoe prints on the floor…ooh, spooky. Once that disappointment was done, we sat in tricked-out chairs for a VR experience. We were placed into the tunnels under the town and went through a pre-determined route, all leading us one jumpscare away from Pennywise. While it was cool to see him in all his glory like we haven’t yet, the whole thing was pretty lame. I don’t understand the fascination with VR, but maybe it’s just not for me.

Cool promo aside, overall, the Float experience was all hype and no payoff. Hopefully the film isn’t the same.

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