Interview: Glitch Mob Takes You To VR

Interview: Glitch Mob Takes You To VR
June 29, 2018

See Without Eyes” saw The Glitch Mob chart across many platforms as the #1 Dance/Electronic album. The 11-track project expanded on the groups prominent sound. Incapacitating fans to an alternate state of mind, this album quickly sprung onto our list of top 10 for the year.


To complement the release, The Glitch Mob collaborated with the team at TheWaveVR to bring the music to life so to speak. The groups colluded to offer fans a Virtual Reality presentation. The video allows fans to experience the music like never before. To get more information, we had an interview with the legendary group.


You guys have been making for as long as I can remember, What separates “See Without Eyes” from previous projects?


“It’s about the journey, not the destination. All of the projects are part of a narrative. The music is a result of us digging deep, connecting to ourselves and our fans, trying new techniques and honor our craft.” –The Glitch Mob


Other artists have mentioned going into “Album Mode” when creating one, can you describe what that looks like to you guys?


“We tune out the world as much as we can. A lot of our albums are started in Joshua Tree so we can start from a clear palette. We work every day like any other job. It’s about the intersection of discipline and inspiration. Creative flow.” –The Glitch Mob


Charting at #1 In the Dance Music category, what were you guys expecting in terms of the fan response to the album?


“We went into it with as little expectations as possible. The goal is just to do us, to go through our process and make the best music we can.” –The Glitch Mob


How did this collaboration with The WaveVR come about?


“It all happened organically. We are always looking for new ways to use technology to dig into the music. Strangeloop is a super old friend of ours who happens to also work with The Wave. He made all of the still videos for our album that you see on YouTube. We’d been talking about doing a VR album experience for a very long time, and just now the pieces connected. The Wave did an incredible job.” –The Glitch Mob


It seems as if Technology co-existing with Electronic Music is the future now that we’ve got incredible pyro, visuals, holograms, live shows etc.. How do you guys plan to go about this movement?


“We embrace any technology that gets us closer to our own humanity and allows us to tell stories in new ways.” –The Glitch Mob

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