Intel Takes You To NY Fashion Week In 360°

Intel Takes You To NY Fashion Week In 360°
September 6, 2016

If you can't make it to New York Fashion Week in person, Intel is giving you another option: Virtual reality. Using VOKE's app on the Gear VR, you can view live broadcasts of runway shows in stereoscopic 360-degree video. Intel isn't giving many details about how it'll work, but it describes the experience as a "natural environment" for viewing the shows, which kick off tomorrow. That could mean taking the place of an audience member beside the runway, or standing in the coveted spot at the end where models stare off vacantly.

If you don't have a GearVR, you can view a 2D version of the stream at NYFW's site, or partner designer sites. Those partners include "Erin Fetherston, Noon by Noor, Lisa N. Hoang, Dan Liu, Namilia, Marissa Webb, Band of Outsiders, Irina Vitjaz, Supima, Misha Collection, Prabal Gurung and Telfar."

The VR experience sounds like an intriguing use of VOKE's technology, which has primarily been used for sporting events. Of course, it won't get you into all of New York Fashion Week's trendy parties, but it's yet another example of how VR can give anyone access to exclusive events.

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