Immersive Event Lets You Babysit A Creepy Doll

Immersive Event Lets You Babysit A Creepy Doll
July 27, 2017

A brand new immersive horror experience is bringing horror fans face to face with Annabelle, the creepy doll at the heart ofThe Conjuring spin-off films.


Those who think they're brave enough are being challenged to participate in 'Annabelle's House,' an event which sees members of the public babysit the doll ahead of new film Annabelle: Creation which hits cinemas on 11 August.


The London-based event, featuring actual props taken from the prequel, has been brought to life by a talented creative team who has previous experience helping bring to life the tricks of revered illusionist David Copperfield, as well as the film's director David Sandberg (Lights Out).


Horror fans keen to give the “unrivalled scare experience” a go should take themselves to the East London location, a makeshift Victorian mansion built to terrify participants.


For twenty minutes, you'll be asked to babysit an 11-year-old girl while exploring the film's authentic props - that is until the demon of Annabelle is unleashed.


'Annabelle’s House' opens its doors for a limited time from 27 July. You can apply for tickets here.


Annabelle: Creation - which has received unexpectedly rave reviews - arrives in cinemas on 11 August.

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