Hunter Hayes Premieres 'Yesterday Song' In VR

Hunter Hayes Premieres 'Yesterday Song' In VR
February 19, 2017

Hunter Hayes usually isn’t a fan of watching his own performances, but the singer can’t help geeking out over his latest video.


“It just came to life,” Hayes says of the new virtual reality video for his single “Yesterday’s Song,” which puts viewers up close with multiple versions of the multi-instrumentalist as he plays guitar, drums and sings. Being surrounded in 360 by images of himself was “weird,” Hayes admits, but the VR experience was “so awesome. And the cool thing is, you can turn your head and focus on anything you want!”


The video was produced with YouTube, and the singer says he’s “obsessed” by the possibilities of virtual reality. “With the VR goggles on, it felt like I was in the room again. I was not prepared for how alive it felt. It’s like going to another planet,” he says. “My fans like gear and tech stuff and new technology as much as I do and I feel like this just opens up a door for a new way to experience music.”

The video is designed to make his fans “feel like you’re hanging out with me and my friends and getting to see the process of recording.”


“Yesterday’s Song,” he says, was a tune perfectly suited to such an innovative approach. “The song is an introduction to the new record,” Hayes, 25, says of the lead-off single for his forthcoming third studio album. “It’s about having a change of scenery and experiencing something new, about going on a bit of an adventure. That’s what this record has been for me and it felt fitting that this song got to experience virtual reality first.”

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