Hulu, Live Nation Premiere VR Music Show

Hulu, Live Nation Premiere VR Music Show
January 26, 2017

Hulu released the first episode of its new virtual reality (VR) music show “On Stage” on its Hulu VR app Thursday. The show, which is being produced in cooperation with Live Nation, promises to give viewers a closer look at some of music’s biggest stars.


The first episode is all about Lil Wayne, who is shown skateboarding in the L.A. river, performing, and telling viewers how all of this ties together. Hulu also released a 2D version on its website Thursday that doubles as a behind the scenes look at the VR shoot, showing how certain scenes were shot with VR cameras rigged to drones and other equipment.


Hulu first debuted its VR apps last May, and has since rolled out a few exclusive shows on those apps. Last September,Hulu announced a collaboration with AOL-owned RYOT Studios, which include a regular VR doc format dubbed The Big Picture: News in Virtual Reality” and a VR comedy show called “Virtually Mike and Nora” starring Nora Kirkpatrick and Mike O’Brien.


Earlier this month, Hulu announced its partnership with Live Nation, which has also been doing some live VR streaming of concerts with NextVR. A second episode of Hulu’s and Live Nation’s “On Stage” featuring Major Lazer is set to debut later this year.

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