Hotel Room Erotica: A VR Intimate Showroom

Hotel Room Erotica: A VR Intimate Showroom
May 17, 2017

As hotels continue to seek ways to recoup revenue from outdated television erotica services that has been lost to newer tablets, laptops and mobile devices thanks to the proliferation of Internet porn, the new advances in VR technology are becoming an obvious way to make paid in the room adult entertainment a viable income stream once again. What seems to be even more important is the impact Hotel VR Porn may soon have on the multibillion-dollar advancement of the entire virtual reality tech industry.


"The hotel chains we are speaking with were immediately receptive to the idea of showrooming VR content within their hotel rooms as part of a broader package of virtual reality offerings for guests," said Andy Alvarez, Owner of and CEO of Webmaster Central. "Firms in all sectors are seeking innovative ways to get VR gear in the hands of potential customers because it's easiest to sell VR content to a client base after they have had the opportunity to see why it is so much more immersive than flat screen traditional media parallels."

Hotel Rooms are becoming VR Porn Showrooms


In 2015, Hilton announced it would remove porn from its paid per view service offerings in room, following an earlier 2011 decision by Marriott to end on-demand adult entertainment in their rooms via television set top boxes, but the moves were financial rather than cultural. The availability of Wi-Fi access is nearly every hotel room and ability of guests to simply watch their favorite adult content via their smartphone, tablet or laptop instead made the entire per-minute business model of hotel TV pricing unsustainable.


"Hotels can easily provide VR devices for a rental fee or as a complimentary value added item as part of any hotel stay. VR3000 is now in negotiations to bring the Virtual Reality experience to many European hotels near you and our deal would cover 85% of the rooms in the EU which is something we are very excited about," said Alvarez.


"Whether hotels want a basic VR experience or a full suite of VR services, our industry leading content and award winning support team are available right now to make it happen," said Andy. You can get in contact with VR 3000 by reaching out to now for more information, samples and media inquiries about the changing face of hotel in room entertainment.

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