Horror Corn Mazes Add VR To Help Kids In Need

Horror Corn Mazes Add VR To Help Kids In Need
February 1, 2017

You may have heard of Children of the Corn, but South Canterbury maze-makers have more than mayhem of their minds.


They use horror between the corn rows to raise funds for children's development, health and wellbeing.


The horror maize maze, which has been running for several years, is the one of the last maize mazes in the South Island.


This year, participants can test their bravery against the terrors of two virtual reality containers for the first time. The mastermind of the horror maize maze, Rory Foley, called the experience a "rollercoaster of hell".


Bringing in virtual reality meant people would experience the next level in entertainment - and frights, Foley said. "It's the next step in our horror journey."


Foley's Studholme farm on Hannaton Rd will be transformed from a horror maze during the night to a children-friendly day maze.


Plunket, who will receive the funds from this year's frights, will set up a bouncing castle, face painting and ride-on toys. "It's a unique was for them to fundraise."


Foley would also have the maze open for daytime wanders - without any scares - as well as nature walks and picnic areas for the families.


A bigger field would be used this year, which meant a more extensive maze. "There will be long periods of not knowing when something is going to jump out."


The horror maize maze started with an idea, which people told Foley would not work because "it's too far away from everything".


Not to shy away from a challenge, the maze is now its fifth year and it has expanded from a seven person to a 50 person national operation. The maze would raise thousands of dollars for its chosen charity during a five weekend horror fest, starting on February 10.


Entry fees include $25 per person for the night frights, operating on Friday and Saturday night, while the day maze, held each Saturday and Sunday, will cost $20 for a family of four or $8 per person.


Below: Horror maize maze mastermind Rory Foley says including virtual reality in this year's horror experience will add a new level of entertainment and frights.

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