Holograms Work Miracles At Paris Virtual Film Fest

Holograms Work Miracles At Paris Virtual Film Fest
July 1, 2017

If you don't believe in miracles, think again as three of them, not just one, happened in Paris yesterday during the Paris Virtual Film Festival opening party.


The fact that the event took place inside the famous Saint Eustache Church, an active worship place located right in the center of the French capital, was already an incredible event.


The second and most impressive miracle was the showcase of the world's first holographic treatment of Fritz Lang's iconic silent movie Metropolis.


The audience was too stunned to react as the heroine of the sci-fi movie suddenly broke free from the screen and started to walk towards the 500 people sitting in the dark sanctuary, as the organ played by the virtuoso local organist literally made the centuries-old walls shake.


The third miracle? Maria, the sci-fi movie's heroine, still looked really good in spite of being already over 90 years old.


VRrOOm is a proud partner of the 2017 Paris Virtual Film Festival.

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