Great VR Experiences For Relaxation And Meditation

Great VR Experiences For Relaxation And Meditation
September 25, 2016

Virtual reality offers two main experiences that no other medium can; presence and experience. VR can take us to places we’ve never seen and it can help us experience situations we’ve never had before.
Below you can find a collection of some examples that either take us out in the space or relax us with music, games and meditation.
Lumen VR
Price: Free

Lumen is a VR meditation experience of a beautiful bioluminescent forest. It is designed by Walter Greenleaf, PhD, of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, and Framestore’s VR Studio.
“We wanted to reward the user for allowing their focus to put them into a meditative state,” says Framestore’s Executive Creative Director Aron Hjartarson. “Wherever you put your attention something positive happens to the world around you. The cyclical aspect of existence is in there, from birth to regeneration.”
The experience is launched through LIFE VR’s new mobile app.
Perfect Beach VR
Price: $0.99 and $2.99

This experience is a seaside dream. It is designed to bring different views of beaches along with a relaxing spa-like music. Users can pick different settings like beach daytime, beach sunset, pier daytime, or pier sunset and a musical accompaniment for the experience. Perfect Beach VR can be downloaded from Google Playstore and from Oculus Gear VR Store.

Monarch VR
Price: $0.99


Monarch VR is an experience with calming music and Monarch butterflies. This experience doesn’t offer any guided meditation track. Proceeds from this app go to the non-profit Pollinator Partnership which is devoted to protecting bees, butterflies and their critical role in our ecosystem and food supply.Monarch VR can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Guided Meditation VR
Price: Free


This is a meditation app designed for Gear VR with guidance in English. The experience offers a choice of several different meditation locations in photo-realistic and computer-generated environments. Guided Meditation VR can be downloaded from Oculus Store.

Space VR
Price: One year $35, Life time membership $99


SpaceVR is not a meditation app, it’s the world’s first virtual reality camera satellite, but the experience sounds quite exciting to try. The company has signed a launch agreement to send its virtual reality satellite to the International Space Station in 2017. The aim is to provide live images of the space in 360-degree view. Viewers can subscribe to the footage, which will “immerse someone in space as if they were floating outside.

Land’s End
Price: $5.99


Land’s End is a beautiful puzzle solving experience in a simulated world. It is designed by the team that brought the Monument Valley mobile app. Land’s End can be downloaded from Oculus Store for Gear VR.

Price: $9.99


theBlu is a mesmerizing deep ocean experience for HTC Vive. With theBlu you can experience the majesty of the ocean through different habitats. The whole experience lasts only 20 minutes, and some users may think this is short. But it’s definitely worth the price you pay to download the experience.

Price: Free


GrooVR is a relaxing and inspiring music visualizer. You can stream music from Spotify and SoundCloud, or play music files directly from your device. The experience is designed for Gear VR, and can be downloaded from Oculus Store for free.

DotCalm 360
Price: Free


DotCalm 360 is not a VR app but it’s an ASMR experience worth mentioning here in this list. (ASMR is a relaxation technique that uses whispering, and other calming sounds to relax the viewer.)
This 360-degree video is a combination of a 3D generated environment and traditional 2D footage. The video is produced by the famous ASMR YouTuber “Ally” and is a very soothing experience.

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