The Glitch Mob Talk Their New VR Experience

The Glitch Mob Talk Their New VR Experience
May 5, 2018
The Glitch Mob is comprised of Justin Boreta, Edward Ma and Josh Mayer.


Electronic music group The Glitch Mob is known for producing innovative and unique-sounding music that’saccompanied by artistic visual components. The group has spent the past two years working on their latest album, See Without Eyes, which has been released today.


“The way we write music is such a personal, deep process,” says group member Justin Boreta. “This is something that came out of the way that we approach music. It’s a log of where we’ve been over the past couple of years emotionally, spiritually and physically traveling around the world performing.”


He finds that See Without Eyes came to the group in an effortless way, and they were able to successfully find a balance between creating songs geared towards listening while also producing tracks meant for live shows. He adds that their last album, Love Death Immortality, worked better with production because it was mostly high-energy tracks.



Boreta says the group, which also includes Edward Ma and Josh Mayer, works more like a traditional band than an electronic music group. He notes that they took time off touring to “give [the album] the attention it deserves to tell a whole cohesive story.”


“With albums, I’m not really sure if it’s safe to say they’re a dying art form because there are still people that do write full albums, but this is meant to be listened to from start to finish,” Boreta says. “And in the world of playlists and singles, we are sort of going against the stream in that way just because we like to tell stories in full like that, and it takes a while to put that together.”

A virtual reality experience, which will be available this summer, will accompany the album.


The album also boasts a visual component created by the trio’s visual arts friend David Wexler, also known as Strangeloop, who has worked on visuals for Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, Flying Lotus and more. Boreta says they gave Strangeloop See Without Eyes and had him create his reactions while listening to the album. His creations will be incorporated into a virtual reality experience that features 11 music videos linked together. The experience will be available this summer for people to enjoy with their own virtual reality machine or to experience during The Glitch Mob’s tour through setups in the lobbies at their shows.


“We collaborated and created this whole piece that really paints a picture of what it’s like inside the music,” Boreta adds. “The importance of that, for us, really is to give people another way into the music and to use the cinematic nature of our music to really paint a picture.”

The group has toured with an interactive instrument and art piece in the past, and they will return with an updated version for their new tour.


The group has previously toured with an interactive instrument and art piece called The Blade. Their latest tour will feature an updated version of the technology, titled The Blade 2.0, that was created with the help of Delland Alienware, and designed by Martin Phillips—who has designed stages for Daft Punk, Kanye West, Nine Inch Nails and more. Boreta says the latest version will feature a more sleek design and 27-inch touch screens for playing music, along with drums influenced by Japanese tyco.


“[Attendees] can expect a very immersive show,” he adds. “We really put a lot of energy and thought into how this music was going to sound, and we’re weaving it in with a lot of our older music.”


The trio has been making music together for 12 years now. As for their key to success: “The fact that we are so grateful to have found our calling in music and to be doing something that is really greater than the three of us,” Boreta says. “That’s really what keeps us all connected—we have such a deep sort of creative, familial connection. But really, just being steeped in gratitude for the fact that we write the music that we want to write and we go around and play it, and we are just simply happy to be doing this. The tour is really the connection point of all of this stuff right now.”

The Glitch Mob released 'See Without Eyes' today.

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