Get Trained By Manny Pacquiao In VR

Get Trained By Manny Pacquiao In VR
July 5, 2017

There’s a lot of physical exertion in a great deal of virtual experiences, some designed specifically with this in mind and others reaching such heightened levels simply as a byproduct of gameplay design. Boxing, otherwise known as the sweet science, is known to have one of the most grueling training regiments of all sports and a handful of VR games try to whip you into fighting shape with varying results.


Currently there are decent boxing experiences to be found but none with a major recognized name or fighter supporting them. That’s going to change in the near future as former champion Manny Pacquiao is teaming up with Korean game developer Appnori for a new game.

Social media and boxing publications are abuzz after Pacquiao’s questionable loss to Jeff Horn a few days ago, a decision that seems to have completely shocked the boxing community. While this VR partnership may seem like poor timing, Pacquiao’s spot in boxing history is forever solidified. Pacquiao shared in the press release that connecting boxing to the technology is one of his dreams and with rising VR tech, “I [am] one step forward to my dream.”


There’s not much known about the game just yet other than the fact that Pacquiao would be your trainer in the game. Once you’ve reached a certain point, you can take your skills online and face other fighters. In a unique twist, if you perform well online, you’ll apparently be invited to a real-life tournament where Pacquiao may referee. The Appnori team is viewing this as a unique spin on VR Esports. We’ll keep you updated on this game as more information becomes available.

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