German Daily Now Covers Soccer Matches In AR

German Daily Now Covers Soccer Matches In AR
August 28, 2018

German soccer fans can now catch up on all the latest match news by enjoying AR content within Europe’s biggest-selling daily newspaper, Bild. The content that is embedded turns the pages of the newspaper into 30-second clips which readers can enjoy with their smartphone, including highlights from the Bundesliga season, that started this weekend.


As reported by myAJC, the new AR experiences offer readers direct and immersive access to highly attractive video content all by purchasing a newspaper. This not only makes the newspapers more interesting to readers but it further enhances stories and coverage thanks to these 30-second clips that are found within a single image. Being able to enjoy both the long form written coverage along with a shorter, more motion driven coverage will ensure that all reader can enjoy the content however they wish.


Matthias Bruegelmann, who heads the Bild’s sports coverage, said to myAJC in a statement: “We’re making the printed newspaper more attractive and are showing the potential of the newspaper of the future.”

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