Free Fly Above The Island Of Oahu In VR

Free Fly Above The Island Of Oahu In VR
May 11, 2017
In the season 2 debut of VRtually There, the USA TODAY Network's weekly VR series, we join professional paraglider and photographer Jorge Atramiz for a flight over the Hawaiian island of Oahu. USA TODAY NETWORK


For those of us with dreams of flying freely amid the clouds, paragliding is about as close as it gets.


In this “non-powered” sport – i.e., no motors - the pilot sits in a harness under a fabric wing and steers in the open air with two lines called brake lines. The design of the glider uses wind currents to stay airborne for extended periods of time.


It’s a perfect way to explore, say, the skies above Hawaii. Go there with a pro in the season two debut of VRtually There, the USA TODAY Network's weekly VR series.

Jorge Atramiz is a professional paragliding pilot and photographer who has been flying in Hawaii for the past ten years. He credits the islands for allowing him unlimited access to the skies and incredible opportunities to connect with nature.


Jorge loves flying and sees it as a canvas for creativity. He often takes pictures during his flights to share his unique views with people on the ground. The endless space he feels in the air pushes him to live and dream limitlessly.


“To me, free flying is going out of the box” Jorge says.


Join Jorge for a flight by watching the whole video above.


For the ideal experience, view in 360 degrees on your mobile phone or in VR headsets such as Google cardboard or Daydream. Subscribe to VRtually There on YouTube and browse the “Virtual Reality” section of the USA TODAY app (iOS |Android) to catch three new episodes every week. 


And whatever you do, don't forget to look around.


Learn more about Jorge Atramiz:

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