Flames Vs Canucks: How To Watch NHL In VR

Flames Vs Canucks: How To Watch NHL In VR
February 13, 2017

Hey, it’s Sophia from Sportsnet and it’s no secret that I’m a huge sports fan. So I was so excited when I got my Molson Canadian VR viewer. It is so easy to use. All you gotta’ do is download the Sportsnet app and then select the VR tab at the top.


After you enter the pin code that comes with the viewer, select from four different live streams and on demand content.


Then, you just put in the phone like this, and now you have a front row seat to live NHL hockey games in virtual reality.


It is so cool, and honestly that easy to use.


So we hope you enjoy NHL hockey in virtual reality.


I’m Sophia Jurksztowics.


Thanks for watching.


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