Fake Love Launches ‘Burnt Dream’ VR Film For Gucci

Fake Love Launches ‘Burnt Dream’ VR Film For Gucci
December 5, 2017
Fake Love and T Brand Studio created a 360 VR experience for Gucci's new collection, called 'Burnt Dreams'


Experiential agency Fake Love has released its latest project under the New York Times's T Brand Studio, a virtual reality video for Gucci called Burnt Dream.


The branded content, part of a collaboration between Gucci and artist Ignasi Monreal, gives a 360-degree view of Monreal’s London darkened, neon-lit apartment. Depicting imagery and inspirations that influence his collection with the luxury brand, viewers are redirected to a standalone Gucci site, where they can browse gift ideas by category.


Aside from being a creative partner to T Brand Studio, Fake Love works autonomously to serve clients such as Samsung and Kia. The agency recently worked on an extension of Academy Award-winning film Hidden Figures in partnership with IBM.


Fake Love was purchased last year by T Brand Studio, and assists in the creation of experiences that merge fine art and technology for the studio’s upscale audience.

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