Explore Petra With Google Cardboard

Explore Petra With Google Cardboard
January 18, 2017

Petra is an ancient city found in southern Jordan that is known for its architecture. What’s unique about the city is that all of the buildings and water systems were carved right into the surrounding rocks. Last year, Google released a virtual tour of the city within Maps but now they have created a full 360-degree experience for Cardboard.


The entire Google Cardboard experience is interactive, allowing you to listen to audio narration, sound effects, and learn more about specific landmarks along the tour. By simply placing your phone into the headset, you can look around and explore some of the city’s breathtaking sights.


The tour of the 2,000-year-old city takes you from Al Siq, through the Treasury and theatre, and ends at the famous Monastery.


To check out this new virtual tour of Petra, make sure you have a Google Cardboard in hand and visitg.co/PetraVR on your mobile phone. If you want to go through the tour on your desktop, head on over to the Petra VR website and launch that interactive experience on your computer.

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