Explore The First Fully-featured VR Anatomy Atlas

Explore The First Fully-featured VR Anatomy Atlas
December 2, 2018

3D Organon VR Anatomy is the world’s first fully-featured virtual reality anatomy atlas. It is an immersive self-discovery experience into the human body. You can manipulate bones, muscles, vessels, organs and other anatomical structures in 3D space. Examine structures from all angles, read or hear anatomical terminology and study definitions. Delve into the body systems, peek under the skin, and see what you are made of. The new updated version of the app includes the human motion module, with animations of joints and bones.


The app is designed to suit a range of users, from medical and allied-health students to educators, healthcare professionals, patients, artists, and curious minds. It is helping students grasp the challenging subject of anatomy, but also is easily understood by individuals without a medical background. It is an advanced learning tool that could complement any anatomy curriculum and help everyone visualize and explore anatomy.

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