Explore Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk In VR

Explore Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk In VR
July 8, 2017

The turbulent world of Dunkirk is a click away: explore here.


Christopher Nolan’s latest epic tells the tale of the battle of Dunkirk that took place between Nazi Germany and the Allied forces during the Second World War. The nine-day battle saw the evacuation of British and Allied forces from the beaches of the namesake French town as the Nazis continued their advance on the opposing forces. In the end, 338,226 men escaped.


As the film gears up to hit theaters this summer, PEOPLE brings you a virtual-reality experience connected to the movie which takes place in three settings: land, sea and air.


Watch the 360° Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience in the video above, explorable by clicking and dragging your mouse across the screen. The more you move, the more you’ll discover the dramatic scenes. For a fully immersive virtual-reality experience using VR goggles, download the LIFE VR app for iOS and Android or visit time.com/lifevr.


Save Every Breath: The Dunkirk VR Experience will be on display next week at the all-new VR in the Sky event taking place at the Time Inc. headquarters in New York. The first-of-its-kind 2-day event will feature presentations, experiences and more spotlighting the cutting edge of the VR industry — with Dunkirk VR even making an appearance as a special installation at the top of One World Trade Center.

The movie stars a list of heavy hitters and newcomers alike, including Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles in his acting debut. You can also watch the full trailer for the experience here or below:

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