Escape From Prison In Telemundo's VR Experience

Escape From Prison In Telemundo's VR Experience
December 15, 2016

To excite for the new drama series "El Chema", Telemundo launched an exclusive 360°/VR experience called 'The Chema: A 360 Escape'. The experience allows viewers to undertake a tunnel escape from prison just like the series' central character Chema Vengas, who is also known as El Chema. The series "El Chema" premiered on December 6th, and is a spin-off of the popular crime drama "El Señor de los Cielos". It chronicles the back story of how Chema Venagas came to power to eventually become the drug kingpin of the cartel he runs in the original series. The 360°/VR experience was released prior to the premiere online across Facebook and Youtube. Additionally, Telemundo is touring malls to bring the immersive experience directly to people across the U.S.

The four-minute experience kicks off with the viewer being placed in what appears to be a warehouse or the headquarter of El Chema's gang. El Chema directly addresses the viewer and says that he is looking for reliable and loyal people to work for him but that the viewer has to pass a test before. The next setting is then the prison cell from which El Chema also escaped. El Chema is giving the viewer instructions through an earpiece and eventually guides him through the experience.

After climbing through a pit beneath the shower, users discover a motorcycle with which they then ride though the tunnel and successfully escape. At the end, they are being welcomed by El Chema to join their team. To raise more awareness for the experience and the series eventually, Telemundo is also touring malls across the country in cities such as L.A., Texas, New York, and Chicago. On site, visitors have the opportunity to try out the experience themselves. Fans can also have their picture taken while sitting on the iconic motorcycle.

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