Enter 'Castle Rock' With New 360 VR Experience

Enter 'Castle Rock' With New 360 VR Experience
August 12, 2018

Sometimes it feels like the more time you spend in Castle Rock, the less you understand.”


Hulu’s new series “Castle Rock, which airs its fifth episode tonight, is particularly a treat for hardcore Stephen King readers, as it invites you to step inside one of King’s iconic locations for the very first time. Many of King’s tales over the years have either been set in or brushed up against the fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine, which the entire series is directly set inside.


While you wait for the next episode, Hulu offers up a 360-degree Virtual Reality experience today, allowing you to spend some time in the town in an even more immersive way.


The VR experience can be viewed on Cardboard viewers and mobile headsets.

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