Enjoy Easter Rising: Voice Of A Rebel For Free

Enjoy Easter Rising: Voice Of A Rebel For Free
July 7, 2017

Today, the BBC has announced that the film is now available for free on both the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

Produced by BBC Learning in collaboration with Crossover Labs and VRTOV, Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel takes viewers back in time to the streets of 1916 Dublin, Ireland, at an important moment in the country’s recent history. It depicts the memories of 19 year-old Willie McNeive, a rebel who took part in the Easter Rising against the British, visualising in immersive VR his eyewitness account of the rebellion.


Zillah Watson, Head of Commissioning, Virtual Reality, said in a statement: “Easter Rising: Voice Of A Rebel is a fascinating account of a critical moment in Ireland’s history, told from a unique perspective. It shows that virtual reality can be used to give audiences a greater sense of presence, enabling them to better understand a range of issues like important current affairs, news, science and history.”


Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel is just the latest in an ever growing library of VR content from the BBC. This week saw the BBC Taster VR app launch, featuring content from BBC Three and Planet Earth II. And last month the broadcaster released VR fairy tale The Turning Forest on Samsung Gear VR having originally brought it to Google Daydream in 2016.

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