EmuVR Lets You Go Back To Your 80s Bedroom

EmuVR Lets You Go Back To Your 80s Bedroom
December 23, 2018

Ever longed for the days of arcade machines, DOS and the Nintendo 64? Well, thanks to a new project called EmuVR, you can now relive these nostalgic experiences in VR.

EmuVR is a new project that will allow you to wander around a radical ’90s-styled bedroom complete with several old-school consoles, televisions and even classic movie posters in virtual reality. These consoles, arcade machines and televisions sets aren’t just for show though as players are able to play some of the many retro games from their past on them. To make the experience even more authentic players can not only chooses which console they want to play but also on which type of television set.


The software works by scanning your PC for any ROM files and then recreating a virtual copy of the game. Players are then able to insert the virtual disc/cartridge into one of the many consoles available, sit back and enjoy the nostalgic experience. EmuVR even goes as far as letting you choose the perfect time of day to indulge in your passion for retro gaming.


Currently, the software is still in beta, with the team working on expanding it by including DOS and Windows 95 emulations.


EmuVR might just be the software that will convince us to invest in VR.

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