Eddie Mitchell’s Plans For 360 Arena Are Approved

Eddie Mitchell’s Plans For 360 Arena Are Approved
August 3, 2017
Eddie Mitchell in the Elite Skills Arena showroom with the interactive soccer skills arena he wants to put in Whitecliff Park..


Former property developer Eddie Mitchell's plans for a high tech football training are at Poole's Whitecliff Park have been approved by borough planning chiefs.


Mr Mitchell, who is part owner of Elite Skills Arena, now has permission for the four-metre diameter circle training area.


However, as Whitecliff Park is owned by the Borough of Poole (BOP) it remains unclear if the 360 degree arena will ever be built.


Mr Mitchell wants to install the 'ICON' arena at the eastern edge of the park, just south of the car park adjacent to Sandbanks Road.


The application that was agreed by BOP's planning committee was an amended application - the original was for a much larger facility which included a three metre fence, flashing lights and sounds.


When the amended application was first heard by the committee, in June, planning board member - and former international football referee Les Burden - said he would like to see such a facility in operation.

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