An Early Look At Star Wars Land

An Early Look At Star Wars Land
April 19, 2017

Disney Imagineering and Lucasfilm just released a bunch of concept art of the upcoming Star Wars Land — and it’s shaping up to be the grand, immersive, and massive experience that only Mickey Mouse money can create.


When the 14-acre park is completed in 2019, it will be the largest expansion to Disney World yet. Disneyland in California is also getting a Star Wars addition.


During a recent press conference, Disney executives explained just how deep you’ll delve into the universe.

The park will be set on a planet on the Outer Rim of the Star Wars universe. A forgotten land where bounty hunters and space frontiersman make up most of the population.

It is a new planet never-before-seen in any Star Wars movies, films, or video games.


“We wanted to build new Star Wars stories, new Star Wars destinations, but this time you could be in that story that required us to go to a new place,” said Disney exec Scott Trowbridge.

While the world will be new, fans will be treated to plenty of appearances from their favorite classic characters. One ride lets you fly the Millenium Falcon alongside a crew of visitors. You actually take control of the ship and can fly as safely or as ballsy as you want, but be careful maneuvering close to those rock faces and canyons. Expect Chewbacca to be pretty pissed if you ding up his ride — so pissed he may follow you out of the exhibit and into the cantina.

A second ride will put visitors smack dab in the middle of an epic battle between The Resistance and The First Order, complete with life-sized AT-ATs.


“It’s the most epic attraction we’ve ever undertaken,” Trowbridge said.

There will even be mini side quests for visitors to embark on, allowing them to choose the side of the Resistance or The New Order. Bounty hunters and rogue explorers will approach guests to “offer you up a side job.”

Concept art depicts a cantina scene, so expect a live alien show while you sip a beer and eat strange concoctions from foreign worlds.


“We’re going to let you actually go and explore these streets and these markets and buy strange meat concoctions and hold up in you know weird vessels that you can walk around and eat and of course have to have a glass of blue milk,” Trowbridge said. “That might have been a pod race engine that we’ve rigged up and you know maybe that’s cooking the meat in this market. We’re really trying to make sure there’s something in this land for everyone that no matter where you come in to the story or into this saga that there’s something there that will resonate with you.”

There will also be tons of little details crammed into every corner of the park that are sure to please hardcore fans.


“You just never know like little details like you might hear things scurrying through the sewer systems so when you go to the restrooms, be careful what you drink out of, because the water fountains might have a familiar face or an eyeball,” he said. “We’re making sure those details are in there.”

And expect to see lots of droids both new and familiar roaming the park grounds.


“Droids are such an important part of the Star Wars universe,” Kalama said. “They add so much heart and humor and they’re so great for fans of all ages and our little corner of the galaxy is no different. We are going to see some droids that we know and love from screen as well as get the opportunity to meet some brand new droids we’ve never seen before, each with their own unique sort of personality and character. They’re going to be really sort of bustling around this village … and bringing it to life in a fun and exciting way.”


Another piece of concept art shows an army of Storm Troopers taking aim at guests.


“You’re really going to feel like you’re really there. The illusion is going to be completely immersive and just amazing,” said Doug Chiang, who helped design the park and has worked on four Star Wars films.

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