Do You Really Want To See Hikari-Chan In Bikini?

Do You Really Want To See Hikari-Chan In Bikini?
March 19, 2017

While Summer Lesson is named “Summer” Lesson, and comes with plenty of costumes between the base game and its DLC, one goal always escaped Hikari Miyamoto’s fans, the chance to bring her to the beach and see her in a bikini.


While the beach is still not on the menu, the bikini is finally coming. During a Nico Nico livestream held today,  Bandai Namco announced the upcoming release of the Figuarts Zero figurine of Hikari-chan herself from the Tamashii Nations brand, and it comes with a download code for the much desired bikini, which you can see in the gallery at the bottom of the post alongside a few pictures of the figurine itself.


The price is 9,504 yen including taxes for the 21 cm figurine, which equates to about $84. Pre-orders open today, and the code will be printed on a postcard-style picture with a message from Hikari-chan.


Unfortunately, the code will work only with the Japanese version of the game, so if you plan to purchase the Asian version (that will have English subtitles), for now you’re out of luck.


For the most demanding fans, or for those that wants to go beyond virtual reality, the brand also prepared something rather special, in the form of a human size version of the figure.


This version is 160 cm tall and looks definitely lovely, but before you run to pre-order, you better read the price. It’s 2,700,000 yen plus taxes. That’s nearly $24,000.


If you can’t afford it, or if you simply aren’t that crazy, you can at least check out all the details in the dedicated brochure.


If you can afford it, and you’re actually gonna buy it, I bow to your geek-fu.

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