Disney, OmniVirt Team To Promote Aladdin In VR

Disney, OmniVirt Team To Promote Aladdin In VR
June 11, 2018

360-degree promotional video for Disney's Aladdin stage show is powered by VR advertiser OmniVirt.


Virtual reality (VR) advertising platform have teamed up with media behemoth Disney to help promote the Broadway musical version of Disney’s Aladdin by using a 360-degree video.


Disney and its agency Serino Coyne have worked with OmniVirt to distribute 360° advertisements to various media sites in order to target Broadway audiences.

The 360° advertisement video puts viewers on stage alongside Aladdin and Genie during one of the show’s stand-out numbers, Friend Like Me Digital text overlays are placed over the 360-degree footage of Genie and Aladdin singing and dancing to the classic song.


The text will provide viewers with interesting facts and trivia about the show. For example, as Genie moves across the stage during Friend Like Me, he travels the equivalent of 24 basketball courts in eight minutes.


“Disney’s 360° experience is among the most smartly produced 360° content we’ve seen in the market – it takes full advantage of the content format and adds in digital flourishes that render for a magical experience,” says Brad Phaisan, CEO of OmniVirt.


Disney will be running banner ads that allow users to click through int the full 360-degree video experience as well as pre-roll units. The 360-degree video was produced by Koncept VR with OmniVirt powering the distribution of the ad units. The player embedded in the Disney website uses the OmniVirt VR player.

Previously, Disney has used 360-degree video to promote another of its Broadway shows, placing a 360-degree video on the official Disney website to bring The Lion King show to life in a video that was also powered by OmniVirt technology.


OmniVirt have partnered with a number of brands for VR and AR advertising campaigns, while Disney have been increasingly involved in VR, with its research department showcasing breakthroughs in VR and mixed reality (MR) technology.

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