Discover John Terry's VR Football Academy

Discover John Terry's VR Football Academy
February 4, 2017

Hit play on the video above to see Terry and Tubes take a look around the virtual reality football academy. Chelsea captain John Terry showed Soccer AM presenter Tubes his virtual reality football academy.


The duo sat down for a chat ahead of Chelsea's huge London derby against Arsenal on Saturday afternoon, and the former England captain showed the Soccer AM man a glimpse of the future.


The virtual reality headsets bring up the entrance to the academy, complete with quotes on the wall, representations of the multiple trophies won by Terry and his very own virtual reality receptionist to greet you.


Of course, there is a dressing room complete with a number of Chelsea football shirts - including the famous number 26 worn by Terry throughout his career - with options to take a training session, learn about nutrition or motivation.


The headset allows users to watch sessions and get advice from the man himself, as he demonstrates with Tubes during their meeting.

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