Deutsche Telekom Launches AR App With Gorillaz

Deutsche Telekom Launches AR App With Gorillaz

Deutsche Telekom has created an app that will unlock new content for users whenever they hover it over something magenta -- the brand's corporate color.


The brand has teamed up with the virtual band, Gorillaz, to launch the Lenz app, which was created by Saatchi & Saatchi for the Deutsche Telekom music and lifestyle platform, Electronic Beats. With the new app, when a user finds something magenta (it could be a t-shirt, a flower or anyting that matches the Pantone range), they can hold their phone over it, to reveal new content from Gorillaz, including the first ever "live" interview with the band using motion capture and composition technology, and exclusive clips from the band's new album "Humanz," dropping on April 28. The app uses Chroma Keying technology to use the color to unlock the content.


This summer Telekom, Electronic Beats and Gorillaz will also be holding exclusive gigs across Poland, Hungary and Germany with content from selected shows being streamed live via the app.


Jan Teulingkx, regional executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi said, "A virtual brand can literally pop up anywhere. And we took this very literally...anything magenta is a portal for Gorillaz to come to our world. A post-it note, a magenta t-shirt, an out-of-date strawberry yoghurt ... with the Lenz App they are turned into screens for Electronic Beats content."

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