Delusion: Lies Within Comes To Samsung VR

Delusion: Lies Within Comes To Samsung VR
October 31, 2018

The horror title will be available to purchase from 2nd November.


Having premiered Delusion: Lies Within at several film festivals over the summer, Skybound Entertainment has announced that the virtual reality (VR) horror series will make its consumer debut via Samsung VR next month.

Based on Jon Braver’s 2014 interactive theatre series of the same name, co-written by Peter Cameron and produced by Braver’s LA-based interactive theatrical company Delusion, Delusion: Lies Within is set in the 1940’s revolving around reclusive author called Elena Fitzgerald. She wrote a book series titled Stygian Ascent; an epic dark fantasy following the life of a young girl named Mary on a quest to be rejoined with her mother.


The series follows two rabid fans of the missing author who had written four books with a fifth expected but never appearing. They set out to reclaim their beloved novelist, unbeknownst to them Fitzgerald’s stories, and horrors, have come to life.


“Jon Braver’s vision for Delusion: Lies Within brings to life truly captivating storytelling in VR, and we’re excited to share his story with a larger audience,” said Rachel Skidmore, Vice President of Emerging Platforms at Skybound in a statement. “Samsung VR Video is an ideal partner to spread an immersive experience such as Delusion further than the capacity of a theatrical event, and we’re thrilled to be working with the team again.”

“Samsung VR Video is thrilled to team up with Skybound Entertainment again — this time bringing Jon Braver’s Delusion: Lies Within to global audiences. In the immersive adaptation of his wildly successful theatre piece, Jon’s superb storytelling combined with the studio’s excellent live-action capture and special effects are exemplary of what virtual reality desires in long-form, episodic content today,” said Yoon Lee, Senior Vice President of Content and Services at Samsung Electronics America.


Delusion: Lies Within will debut on Samsung VR Video starting 2nd November 2018, available to purchase through the app for $4.99 USD. The app supports several headsets including Oculus Rift and Oculus Go. 

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