Coachella Announces New 180 Degree VR Channel

Coachella Announces New 180 Degree VR Channel
April 10, 2018

It’s here, the week of Coachella! The music festival kicks off this Friday, and now we have details of this year’s live stream.


Coachella officially announced its 2018 live stream will have four channels this year. Three of the channels will capture performances from the festival’s many stages as they’ve done in years past.


And, the new fourth channel will be an 180-degree virtual reality stream from the Main and Sahara stages. The new VR stream is compatible with any VR headset, and can be viewed on home or mobile devices.


While the other three channels will stream during specific hours, the new VR channel will be on the entire weekend. Coachella’s 2018 live stream will be broadcast on its YouTube channel on April 13-15.


The festival hasn’t announced the streaming schedule yet, but has confirmed 75 artists for the stream. Among those artists are headliners Beyoncé and The Weeknd.

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