Childish Gambino's VR Vinyl Detailed

Childish Gambino's VR Vinyl Detailed
May 11, 2017

Last year’s Childish Gambino album, “Awaken, My Love”, is finally coming to vinyl this month. As promised, it features a virtual realitycomponent: There’s a free VR headset and accompanying app, along with “instructions to access exclusive virtual reality live performances from the PHAROS Experience.” Ahead of the record’s release on May 19, tickets for a ballot-entry screening party in London on May 17 are available via House of Vans. Donald Glover previously shared a virtual reality video for “Me and Your Mama,” which you can watch below. It’s taken from his PHAROS concerts, which are the basis for the vinyl’s VR component.


Check out “The Promising State of the Actor-Musician” on the Pitch.

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