Chelsea FC Launches First AR Soccer Game

Chelsea FC Launches First AR Soccer Game
December 17, 2016

Most of us are familiar with the hit augmented reality (AR) game released by Nintendo this summer in Pokémon GO.


With the immense success the game experienced, it was only a matter of time before the sporting industry jumped on the bandwagon with its own form of AR gaming.


Earlier this month, Chelsea FC unveiled the world’s first augmented reality soccer game, Chelsea Kicker. The game was released during the UK-China Innovators Forum in Shanghai, headed by the minister for Culture, Karen Brady, and was displayed to multiple British and Chinese companies.


Chelsea Kicker engages users in competitive battles with fans across the globe in order to become Chelsea FC’s ultimate freestyle footballer.


Users favorite Chelsea players appear wherever the app is opened—at work, in the home, on the street. As you begin challenging friends and practicing skills as you go, you gain access to unlockable content, including legendary players and more than 50 items of gear.


Chelsea’s focus on innovation and commitment to new engaging experiences for the global franchise is highlighted by this move.


The game is currently available for download the Google Play Store.

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