The Chainsmokers Release Paris VR Experience

The Chainsmokers Release Paris VR Experience

A collaboration between Sony and The Chainsmokers, the free Paris.VR Virtual Reality Music experience was released for PlayStation VR late last week in North America. It isn’t available on the European PlayStation Store, and it remains to be seen if/when it will be released.


Letting you influence new remixes of the song Paris based on your choices, here’s what to expect from Paris.VR:


Go on an epic journey with Grammy winning duo, The Chainsmokers as you travel through dreamlike environments. Influence new remixes of the hit song Paris based on the choices you make throughout the experience. Structures and objects activate new audio elements simply by looking around. Choose a new path each time you enter the experience, and let the music engulf you as you lean into the experience, or simply lean back and enjoy the Paris daydream.


The PlayStation Store says Paris.VR is a 600MB download.


Early impressions are positive for Paris.VR, with one Reddit user saying, “Whether you’re a fan of EDM or not, I highly recommend checking this thing out!”


Will you be downloading Paris.VR?

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