CES: Vive Reality Is A PlayStation Home For VR

CES: Vive Reality Is A PlayStation Home For VR
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January 7, 2019

HTC Vive users will be able to experience their virtual reality headset in a new way thanks to Vive Reality System, a reinvention of the headset's core software that creates a world around the user, allowing them to engage with the software in a more immersive way. Vive Reality System was announced during CES 2019 and conjures memories of PlayStation Home, a virtual world social world that Sony launched on PS3.


Like PlayStation Home, Vive Reality System is very much focused on social interactions and all that entails. This means that users will be able to connect with each other and partake in activities such as watching videos, playing games, and "other creative experiences," according to HTC.


It seems many of the interactions users will have will be through a "Lens," which effectively gives them a window into other virtual worlds and applications running on the hardware. These can be thought of as pop-up windows for applications, much like those used on personal computers or mobile devices, except in a completely virtual world.


What HTC showed of Vive Reality System at CES was described as a "glimpse" at it, which means it'll likely show more in the coming weeks and months. The company did not announce when Vive Reality System will launch.

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