Celebrity Shark Bait! Eamonn Holmes VS. Jaws In VR

Celebrity Shark Bait! Eamonn Holmes VS. Jaws In VR
July 27, 2017

Eamonn Holmes looked utterly terrified as he took part in a virtual reality experience involving sharks on today’s This Morning.


The presenter was hoisted above the Thames in a cage, with a model shark below before slipping on the headset and being emerged in an eerie shark-infested underwater world.

He was tasked with remaining in it for four minutes 47 seconds but it wasn’t long until he yanked the headset off as the cage rumbled and he shouted in fear.


The rather bizarre but amusing opening for the show came ahead of him and wife Ruth interviewing a woman who survived a shark attack in real life.


And new film 47 Meters Down are challenging viewers to use a virtual reality head set to experience a ‘shark attack’ and if they survive for 4 minutes 47 seconds –  they get a free ticket to see the film, which is out now.


Back in the studio Ruth and Eamonn connected via video link with American woman Tiffany Johnson, whose arm was eaten by a shark.


Tiffany, who was joined by her husband from North Carolina, revealed that they were on holiday when she decided to go snorkelling.


She said: “I was just enjoying the underwater and didn’t sense any fear or danger and I just felt like a bump or a tug on my arm and when I looked to the right to see what I had bumped into I was face to face with the shark and he had my whole arm in his mouth.

“I was just staring at him for a second, he was just floating there, did not trash – just had my arm in his mouth just staring at me – almost like ‘game on’.”


She continued: “I yanked my arm back and that is when he clamped down and started to thrash and I had fear right away but when he started to thrash, the strength of the lord just came up from within me and I fought back.


“I remember thinking ‘you are not going to take my life’. I was yanking and finally I was able to get loose from his jaws. When I pulled my arm out it was just gone, I had just a mangled stump.”


Ruth then asked if she felt pain and she replied: “I didn’t feel pain at all until we got to the ambulance and they began to unwrap the towel and stop the bleeding. It had probably been 45 minutes.”


The American woman continued: “The miracle of it all, I was at the surface the entire time. I had the snorkel mask on and was breathing through it, I never swallowed any water as we were thrashing around.”


As she swam back towards the boat, she didn’t look back to see if the shark was following her.

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