Brett Rossi Reveals How VR Sex Tapes Get Made

Brett Rossi Reveals How VR Sex Tapes Get Made
March 19, 2018

VIRTUAL reality is the latest craze in the world of porn, but what is it, and how does it work?


We spoke to top VR porn star Brett Rossi, and virtual reality porn evangelist Lisa Moore, to get an inside look at the secret world of saucy VR sex tapes. Here's what we found out...

Virtual reality porn could go mainstream one day, experts told The Sun


What is VR porn?

Virtual reality porn involves donning a VR helmet – a headset with a screen inside that makes you feel like you're somewhere else.For VR porn, you're dropped right in the middle of an adult film scene, usually in the place of one of the performers."You are the only one who talks. With VR porn, it's a first-person perspective, so you have to be the entertainer," Brett, who has starred in around 10 adult VR films, told us, describing her role.

Brett Rossi is a top VR porn star, and has performed in around 10 virtual reality productions

"You have to pretend like there's someone there. There is someone there, but you have to pretend like they're communicating with you.


"But really, the male talent that you're using is a prop, they're just keeping an erection. They can't talk, they can't move, you have to do everything.


"They can't touch you most of the time, they're just there. So you just use him for your own benefit."


Lisa Moore, who works at top XXX virtual reality site VRPorn, said that "every detail of the performance is magnified", so only a few actresses are up to the job.


She said the best female models are usually the ones who are "most natural in front of the camera".


"If they are feeling uncomfortable or uneasy, VR will bring that out."

Lots of top tech firms make VR headsets, including Sony, Facebook, and Google


How is VR porn made?

Unlike a standard porno shoot with loads of cameras, VR porn is made in a very different way.

"There is a male partner, he's laying on his back typically," Brett told us.

Brett told The Sun she loves working on XXX virtual reality films


"And the camera is, I would say, level to where the viewer would be, to make it feel like first-person.

"Some companies don't want males touching the female counterpart, because they don't want it to disrupt the reality of the viewer."


She said that performers have to stay in an "invisible triangle" for the best visual effect.It's also a much longer process to create a VR video compared to typical porn productions.


"I've worked on some sets where it only takes five hours, but it's definitely much longer than a normal boy-girl scene.

"Because a lot of time is designated to setting up the camera, and measuring the male talent, and making sure the camera is right.

"If you touch it while you're filming, you've f***ed it all up."


Many companies are still struggling to get the format right, because VR technology is so new – not just for the porn industry, but for everyone.Lisa said that new studios still have basic problems like "setting up the proper scale, video stitching, and maintaining a steady shot".


"If you don't get that right, then nothing else matters.

"An interesting issue that affects the medium of [point-of-view] VR videos is that there is only one camera angle for a particular scene, so if you make a mistake, there is no backup angle to switch to."


Will VR porn ever go mainstream?

Right now, VR porn is seriously niche – but could it ever go mainstream?

Brett isn't convinced, and argued that 2D porn will "always be the norm".


She blamed the reluctance of VR giants like Sony for not allowing porn content on the official PlayStation VR store, for example.But Lisa is much more optimistic: "As the price comes down and the quality goes up, there will be very little reason for users to stick with traditional porn.


"That's because VR can do anything that can be done with standard video, plus anything else you can imagine.

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