BBC World Cup VR App Gets 325K Downloads

BBC World Cup VR App Gets 325K Downloads
July 1, 2018

It's just been revealed that the BBC World Cup VR app has been downloaded over 325,000 times. The app allows views to enjoy a wide range of content from the event in immersive VR and put themselves closer to the sport then ever before. The number of downloads, though tiny in comparison to non-VR viewing of the World Cup is still an impressive number on its own. It shows that there is a growing audience for the media even if there is still a long way to go.


All of the 33 World Cup games from the BBC, including the final, are to be available via the BBC Sport VR 2018 FIFA World Cup app. According to the figures, as reported by Broadcast, non-VR viewings of the World Cup have passed more than 40 million live and on-demand request for the BBC’s coverage across BBC Sport and BBC iPlayer.


It will be interesting to see if the number of downloads for the VR app continue to grow as the World Cup continues or if we have already hit the peak

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