BBC Launches New Virtual Reality Talk Show

BBC Launches New Virtual Reality Talk Show
November 18, 2016

We know BBC is always fond of using technology. Before few months BBC launched various experimental projects in VR.Now they have come up with a VR talk show.


Taster is the home of new ideas from the BBC. It’s a new way to deliver all the freshest ideas and experiments, from across the BBC.


This time BBC’s digital initiative BBC Taster  and virtual reality (VR) companies Lyristic and VR City have launched a VR talkshow aimed at millennial women.


No Small Talk, as described by Emma Gannon     designed for viewing on Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR, lets its audience sit in on a conversation between Cherry Healey and Emma Gannon, while they discuss the big ideas that underpin daily life.


“As a 20-something woman, I don’t feel like I have many portals accessible to me on TV that just simply feature women talking about stuff that matters to them .Youtube yes, social media,yes. But TV? I love Amanda De Cadenet’s The Conversation, but I couldn’t think of a similar platform in the UK.Where are all the talk-shows for or by women?” quoted by Emma


Chris Sizemore, who commissioned No Smalltalk for the British Broadcasting Corporation, mentioned: “No Smalltalk is about investigating the innovative, technologically and editorially, so that you can prepare yourself to best fulfill the expectations for media of young adult feminine audiences.


The idea of talk show is to be made for everyone but aimed specifically at young women.The commission expressly plans to provide women crowd to VR with a YouView study in the United States earlier this year demonstrating that VR use is nearly double that of feminine.


The show has been shot with 360 rig with..There is no cameraman just two people engaging in conversation with each other in cafe ,The show as reported (link) is going to air on 23rd November will be availanle on youtube and Google Cardboard


The 360º project is a coproduction by Lyristic and VR City.
VR City was founded as a dedicated VR production company this year by Ashley Cowan, Darren Emerson and Zig Zag Productions’ commercial director Matt Graff. Its first film, the award-winning Witness 360: 7/7, directed by Darren Emerson, tells the story of one woman’s experience of the 7/7 terror bombings in London.

BBC has always amazed us with its innovation and creative thinking to engage users.This could be an effort to bring tech users on board using technology ,or is it just their way of working with new trends?


As VR is booming.Are we going to see more of such stuff coming out by other broadcasting firms in the coming year ?

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