The Bayerische Staatsoper Brings Opera To VR

The Bayerische Staatsoper Brings Opera To VR
June 29, 2018
Some surprises and special guests are waiting for you in our virtual experience ...



As the first opera house worldwide, the Bayerische Staatsoper now invites viewers to a unique virtual reality opera experience.
Munich opera celebrates an anniversary in 2018 hailing the motto LOVED, HATED. For 100 years now it has been a place of regular discussion, of rejection and approval, but never, hopefully, of indifference. People both love and hate it – alternating, concurrent, and mostly for an entire life long!


These emotions will now be broadcast throughout the entire city with the assistance of state-of-the-art technology and made accessible to all Munich residents and visitors. Outstanding musicians, dancers and singers can be enjoyed up close, locations travelled to, which would otherwise be out of bounds, and visitors can personally thrill to the thundering applause of a full-house Nationaltheater.


Two chairs from the Nationaltheater go on a journey though the city for this (Flaucher, English Garden and so many other places), and passers-by are invited to take a seat all over the city. Visitors of our performances find a third chair to join the VR-performance in the lounge of Nationaltheater. With virtual reality glasses and headphones, anyone interested can leave the real world for three minutes and dive into the world of the opera.



Daily during the second part of the Munich Opera Festival
9-31 July 2018



Where can you visit us today? Find our daily location here (from the 9th ofJuly)!


All locations and dates

Browse through our virtual map here:

Or find all locations and dates here:


Mo 09.07.01815.00-19.00Gärtnerplatz

15.30-19.00Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film (Aula)Di 10.07.201812.00-16.00Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (Lichthof)Mi

11.07.201815.00-19.00Hochschule für Musik und Theater (Lichthof)

15.00-19.00KönigsplatzDo 12.07.201812.00-16.00Technische Universität Garching (Magistrale)

13.00-17.00Technische Universität München (Innenhof)Fr 13.07.201817.00-21.00Weinfest im Alten Hof

20.00-23.00Sommerfest HMTM (Luisenstraße 37a)Sa. 14.07.201816.00-20.00Werksviertel (Knödelplatz)


Allianz Arena ErlebnisweltSo 15.07.201816.00-20.00Werksviertel (WhiteBox)

Nymphenburger ParkMo 16.07.201811.00-15.00Deutsches Museum (Ehrensaal)

19.00-23.00ReithalleDi 17.07.201815.00-19.00Westpark (Rosengarten)

19.00-22.00CuvilliéstheaterMi 18.07.201809.30-18.30Olympia Einkaufszentrum

15.00-19.00CorneliusbrückeDo 19.07.201814.00-19.00Max-Joseph-Platz

17.00-21.00Gasteig (Celibidache-Forum)Fr 20.07.201815.00-19.00Goldschmiedplatz

15.30-20.00Tollwood (genauer Standort folgt)Sa 21.07.201810.00-12.00Tageskasse der Bayerischen Staatstheater

16.00-20.00Tollwood (genauer Standort folgt)So 22.07.201815.00-19.00Englischer Garten (Monopteros)

15.00-19.30Tollwood (genauer Standort folgt)Mo 23.07.201813.00-17.00Englischer Garten (Chinesischer Turm)

18.00-21.00PrinzregententheaterDi 24.07.2018

N.N.Mi 25.07.201818.00-21.00PrinzregententheaterDo 26.07.201815.00-19.00Marienplatz

19.00-23.00Schwules Kommunikations- und KulturzentrumFr 27.07.201813.00-17.00V-Markt-Parkplatz (Balanstraße)


18.00-21.00PrinzregententheaterSa 28.07.201809.00-12.00Tageskasse der Bayerischen Staatstheater


14.00-18.00Flaucher (gegenüber Flaucherbiergarten)So 29.07.201815.30-20.00Kulturstrand der Urbanauten

16.00-19.30PrinzregententheaterMo 30.07.2018

Allianz Arena ErlebnisweltDi 31.07.201815.00-19.00Odeonsplatz

So what does the fish have to do with it?

Find out yourself and visit us at one of our locations! We'll also raffle wonderful Bayerische Staatsoper prizes every day among all who take part.


Or drop into the Königssaal in the Nationaltheater with your evening visit, where we'll also invite you to sit and dive into our virtual opera world.


Follow our chairs on our social media channels! We accompany our chairs on their journey through Munich at hashtag #BSO360. You can browse through all blogs, photos and background reports in our Festival Newsroom.


Right on time for the season break in August you can enjoy our virtual opera experience online on our YouTube channel among other places – you'll find all details here from 31 July.

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